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8 Bits of Randomness

1. I am a baseball nerd. I know it may shock you, but I've got the Sportscenter app downloaded to my tablet and my settings pointed to Yankees updates. I am such a fan of pitcher Andy Pettitte that I waited on the phone for over two hours on Friday to get tickets for his triple-A rehab start here in Rochester. I was so excited to see him at the game--the same way the boys would be if they were to see R2D2 walking down the street....I even collect Andy Pettitte baseball cards :)

2. I think I've found my favorite K-cup flavor! It's Green Mountain Island Coconut and it is soooo good!

3. I sing in the car...loudly. But only when no one else is listening, of course.

4. I am unashamedly liberal. I also love our President.

5. Even though I am a complete and total girlie girl, it wasn't always that way. I used to play in the mud, collect matchbox cars, and even had a subscription to Motor Trend when I was a kid, thanks to my grandfather, who was in the car business for decades.

6. I am SO OVER my low carb phase! I cannot stand to look at another egg or even my favorite food on earth--cheese! I couldn't take it anymore. The other night I hightailed it to Wegmans and stocked up on loads of fresh fruits. Oh my goodness, how I have missed fruit! Strawberries, Granny Smith apples, blackberries, blueberries, welcome back to my life!

7.  I am finishing my last bar of Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soap! I returned to my beloved Carrot unscented soap not long ago on my face and my complexion is even brighter. I just ordered three more bars--Carrot & Goat Milk (an awesome facial bar), Creamy Peppermint Chocolate Swirl, and a new one--Raspberry Wheat Beer!

8. News! Loubird Handmade, my line of jewelry, is now available at Peppermint on Park Avenue! I just took over some pretty little baubles for Tanvi's gorgeous boutique. Peppermint is open Monday through Saturday.