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Skin Care Review: Neova

I was sent some products to review from a company called Neova. Along with one of my helpful reviewers, Cheddy, we've had plenty of time to try out two of the products and reach our conclusions.

Neova products were designed to help target signs of DNA damage and the signs of aging caused by the sun. I would definitely consider them to be of a high price point (comparable to Dr. Perricone, for reference).

Cheddy, a lovely lady who is just about my mom's age, tried the DNA Total Repair Repair ($99). She used the entire bottle and shared her thoughts:

"I liked that it was scent free, I liked that it was gentle... often those high end creams make me break out in a rash around my eyes...this did not...a big plus
It felt great when I put it on face was soft and smooth...
since I used it all winter, it is difficult to say how it does re: blocking the sun....

I liked the packaging...when it is is done...the plunger goes down and does not come back up...I took the container apart...there are a lot of parts...including a big spring...can't imagine all that in a land fill...

All and all, a very nice product..would I pay the price they are"

Here is one of the products I tried:

Creme De La Copper is something I used for a good part of the winter when my skin is especially dry.  It is typically normal/combination, but it's always dry in the winter.  This blue-gray cream contains a blend of copper peptides and ceramides and claims that is is anti-aging, protective, and hydrating.

First of all, I loved the rich (but greaseless) texture.  It absorbed right into my skin without any scent and made my skin feel nourished and comforted.  In the morning, my skin had no dryness to it and appeared brighter. It really targeted my dry skin and made it plumper and healthier looking. Did it provide anti-aging benefits? Not really. This was a lovely moisturizer and skin brightening, but I didn't feel that it was anything out of the ordinary despite using the entire pump bottle, which retails for $110.

The Chic & Green Bottom Line

Neova products are lovely in terms of texture. They are definitely high end in terms of cost, but there are many more effective products at a much more affordable price. Neither my helpful product tester nor I would purchase these products ourselves.

In terms of the ingredients, the line is more natural than many competitors, but still not what I would deem very green or natural.

Some of their products use petrochemicals. There are also PEG ingredients in many.  Some of the cleansers are preserved with harmful Methylisothiazolinone, which I will not use.

All in all, this is a line I feel would be nice if you believe price is no object.  I believe there are many other fabulous products on the market at a down to earth price with more benefits.

*Disclosure: Chic & Green was sent products from the company at no cost for the purpose of review.  This in no way has affected the outcome of this review.