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Thursday Thoughts

 Hello lovely readers! Could I ask a favor? Would you take a moment to vote for C & G in the Top 25 Green Bloggers of 2012? Thank you so much. I am {big shocker here} finishing yet another painting project and will be back to "normal" posting soon. The boys start Spring Break tomorrow, though, so I will most likely be posting later in the day instead.

In other little tidbits for the day:

25% off all fruit pigmented cosmetics from  100% Pure. This is the best deal I've seen in natural cosmetics in a looong time! This offer ends tonight. Here is the link: shop the sale.

Let's see, well we're on the subject of deals, I have others from the web I'd like to share.

Looking to save on my favorite brand of nail polish? Get this great set from Priti NYC for $20 off!

I also would love my soap-adoring friends to check out the Sale soaps at Prem Soaps, one of my favorite green skin care brands on earth.