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Just like that...

This morning I had a delightful chat with a friend and we were discussing how it is OK to do a few little things in life that really make you not always do something because it the path you are supposed to follow.

After that talk, I decided  to head to Greece (a suburb) to go to Kohl's & Target. I was driving down W. Ridge Road listening to the radio. "Hey There Delilah" by the Plain White T's was the song that was playing. All of a sudden, while headed straight, a white Ford Escape SUV turned in front of the white Impala in front of me. The driver of the Impala had no time to stop. I remember thinking, "Oh my God, that car is going to get hit."

Excuse the photo--it's from my phone

And then everything appeared in slow motion.  Do you know how on television or in a movie, you'll see a scene in slow motion? That is how it looked before my eyes. I watched as the woman ahead of me in the Impala struck the man in the SUV and I watched as his vehicle literally was lifted up into the air and fell down onto its roof. It landed in front of the door to a bar called California Brewhaus. I can still hear the sounds.

I don't remember doing so, but I turned onto Goodwill St., the little side street next to me. I jumped out of the car and you could see all of the fluids from underneath the hood spilling out. I can still smell that maple syrupy smell of coolant.

I did not want to look. I saw all the smashed glass--the caved in roof--the fact that the front seats of the car were all smooshed in.

I called 911. Another driver stopped. A woman walking by was already on her phone as well. A man was trapped inside, upside down. Within 2 minutes, firetrucks, police, and ambulance were all there.

The first person I came across was a woman who appeared to be in shock. She was in a state of fear and panic. All she kept asking about was if the other driver would be OK. She was shaking so badly. You could tell from the stains on her skirt that she had hurt her leg, although she refused to let anyone look at it. There was a language barrier and the woman was just so scared. The firefighters really, truly are heroes. They got the man out of the SUV as a team. He was taken away and they said he would be OK.

The woman's husband came. He's a taxi driver and he arrived at the scene to be with his wife. I gave my statement to the police and the woman and I hugged goodbye.

My heart is still pounding, even though this happened at 11:45 or so.

You never know what is going to happen, friends.  Life is truly fleeting and in the blink of an eye, your whole world literally could be upside down.

I was just talking to my hubby, who works from home as well. I went downstairs to talk with him and we talked about how life is way too short to ever be unhappy or have regrets.

It leaves you thinking--do you tell everyone how you feel--TRULY feel--each day? Do you have difficult decisions to make that you keep putting off because you think you have all the time in the world?

If you have dreams you want to achieve, don't wait until a "more convenient time."  If you are juggling way too many projects, cut the cord and let go of some of them. Life is way too short to spend thinking you'll do something it today! Lastly....what I was left with the most after this was to remember to tell Tom and the boys how they truly mean the world to me...