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8 Bits of Randomness

It's time for another edition of 8 Bits of Randomness here are Chic & Green.

1. I am reading a wonderful book right now that I suggest all moms of boys read. It's called The Mama's Boy Myth by Kate Stone Lombardi and I think it is absolutely wonderful (and validating at the same time). Some people think I am overprotective at times....I'm the mom who still consoles her children if they fall and skin their knees. I'm kind of anti-"Oh, toughen up--no blood, no foul" when it comes to parenting. So if you're like me in that respect, you will love this book.

2.  I have been low-carbing it for the past few weeks (and have lost 9 pounds). Nothing wacky or crazy--just finding that the way I feel is majorly affected when I eat the way I was--which was actually very "healthy" with whole grains, chia seeds, the rainbow on my plate, etc. Combining what I learned in the book Eat Right for Your Type and my own experience cutting carbs, I am just feeling really good. The book, which my friend from City Life Eats told me about when we met in Washington a couple years back, is one I was VERY skeptical of. I thought that it was most likely another quack-written book.  For me, though, it has been eye opening.  It says that people with my blood type don't always digest gluten well (not the same as Celiac's) and do much better with less grains and more proteins and meats.  Sure enough, the changes have been wonderful for me. My blood sugar, which was super low (I am hypoglycemic) is STABLE right now. I don't get dizzy or lethergic or feel blah anymore....

3. I am absolutely loving a skin care product right now that I was sent for review. It's called
 Snowberry Intensive Renewal Serum and it is available online and at Henri Bendel in NYC. In a million years, I wouldn't spend $159 on a single product, but I really like this....too bad I do not believe it should be priced at above $30. It really is great, though, for my big spenders out there! Seriously, though, it is a fantabulous product, but is it worth $159? NO WAY, JOSE!

4. On a much more affordable note-- I am completely hooked on my latest foundation purchase. I've been using this one exclusively for over a month now and it is awesome. It's Honeybee Gardens Pressed Mineral Foundation--and it is $9.99!!!  Best pressed mineral foundation ever. Even better than my old splurge of Jane Iredale Pressed Base (which was $52)!

5.  My new favorite drink (other than coffee, of course) is one I bought on a whim at Target the other day. It is called LaCroix Sparkling Water and it comes in cans and the flavor I chose in Coconut. YUM! Zero artificial sweeteners. Zero sugar. Zero calories. Zero sodium...great flavor!!! In fact, it is an all-natural product.

6.  How excited am I that a new HomeGoods opened in Victor last week? My mom and I went and I love, love, love it!!! Between that and the Penfield Tuesday Morning (don't bother with the other 2 in Rochester), I am a happy girl!

7.  Can I give a huge shout out to my friend Tanvi? She is in the latest issue of Rochester Magazine!!! What a busy bee she has been. Between things like Fashion Week, traveling overseas, planning a wedding, and opening a new Park Avenue Boutique called Peppermint, she is the ultimate successful girl on the go!!! CONGRATS!

8. Speaking of magazines, I am happy to announce that the inaugural edition of Green Mom magazine has debuted and there's a full page devoted to Chic & Green in it!!! Click above for more.