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I did it...

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I've been on the fence when it comes to the whole K-cup bandwagon for over a year now. If you know me in real life, you know that I am fueled by coffee. I wish I could say that the sunshine, chirping birds, and a nice early morning walk get me going. In many ways they do, but when it comes to my general morning mood, I need that coffee. There are some mornings when I can be a bit of a grump because I'm much more of a night owl, but when I have my morning coffee, I am a different person.

On a serious note, I would call myself a coffee addict. Oh sure, I have gone without caffeine. The moment I found out I was pregnant with both boys, I quit the caffeine cold turkey and easily switched to decaf. However, I feel I need my coffee now.  I've tried switching just to green tea or the "coffee alternatives" out there.  It's not there same. It could be worse.  I could be addicted to tobacco, cocaine or vodka...far worse alternatives than my cup of java  multiple cups of coffee each day.

My neighbor bought a Keurig last year. At first I wasn't so impressed. I think it's because I chose the wrong cup size when I made my coffee and I also wasn't in love with the flavor I chose.  I soon began looking forward to heading next door even more than normal. I typically savor my quiet time during the day, sans kids (you know I love them, I just enjoy peace & quiet from time to time as well).  I remember Joey (my friend/neighbor) asking me if I could watch her boys (2 and 4) for a couple hours and I actually was eager to go babysit 2 other little boys and a jumping yippy dog because I knew I would also be trying new K-Cup flavors. I then started thinking about getting one of my own.

At first I couldn't justify it--I have a great Cuisinart coffee maker with lots of bells and whistles. If I hadn't found it at a thrift shop in like new condition for less than $10 (for one that retails for over $100), I wouldn't have made the Keurig purchase.

My justifications--

*I am the sole coffee drinker here. I will make coffee and sometimes I end up throwing what's left in the carafe out = wasting money and coffee.

*When I make coffee, it is sometimes good, but sometimes terrible. If I get a new brand, sometimes I will follow the directions and get too weak/too strong of a pot and then that = wasted coffee/wasted money again.

*Sometimes I just want a cup of flavored.  Other times I just want a cup of decaf.  My moods change often when it comes to coffee at home.

*When we have company, some guests want decaf only.  Some want weak coffee. Some want extra strong. Some like flavored.  Some don't. Someone is always left unhappy....

*I love using my French Press for coffee, but it is time consuming and very impractical for company.

About a month or so ago, I finally did it.  I decided to buy a Keurig.  I chose the Keurig Elite Brewing System. What a great decision for me! Now when people come over, I am not a slave to brewing other pots quickly that suit my guests' preferences.  With my Keurig, I can make a Jamaica Me Crazy for myself and a few seconds later, I can be giving my mom a decaf.  Some mornings I wake up wanting a Cinnamon Bun flavored coffee.  This morning, I wanted Kahlua coffee.

I was concerned about the expense at first.  Being a coffee-holic means I go through lots of coffee.  I have found that despite buying K-Cups pretty regularly, I am going through the drive thru at a local coffee shop one less time every afternoon. I still go to see my friends in the morning, but I am saving $1.67 per afternoon five days a week by not driving through for my afternoon caffeine jolt or on Sundays either.  That means I am saving $10.02 per week on 6 medium coffees.

I am also not picking up fun flavored gourmet coffees every time I go to Marshalls or TJ Maxx to bring home.  I don't need to buy anything other than K-Cups. Even if I make a quick K-Cup pick up at Walmart instead of ordering online for a better deal, I can get 18 K-Cups for under $11. I do recommend buying online because you can find really good deals.  You can get free shipping when you spend a certain amount at and they always offer free shipping at Bed, Bath & Beyond online.  Green Mountain's website is another great place to buy K-Cups. Search and you will find coupon codes and other offers, too.

I've tried lots of different K-Cups and my most favorites ones I have pictured above. I think the Donut House Cinnamon Bun is my most favorite. I also like Van Houtte French Vanilla. The only ones I do not like are the Barista Prima ones.  Thankfully I did not buy them, but came in a free 4 pack sampler with a Bed, Bath & Beyond order. All tasted bitter to me.

Coffee is my weakness.  If you're going to drink it, you might as well really enjoy it (like a fine wine)! What are YOUR favorite K-cup coffee flavors?