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8 Bits of Randomness

1. I am totally hooked--absolutely hooked--on Dropwords, a fantabulous Android app. I cannot stop playing. It became even more exciting when my hubby told me he planned to beat my high score.  If you know me at all, you know that it would really get my britches in a knot if he were to do that! So practice, I must!

2. Because of #1, I am spending less of my free time on Pinterest. However, I am still really enjoying pinning and looking at other pins.

3.  Speaking of Pinterest, I am oh so tempted to make this drink I found-- a Guiness float made with coffee ice cream, salty peanuts, and chocolate syrup. It could be gross or it could be insanely good. I'll let you know after the weekend.

4. Speaking of the weekend--weather is super warm + St. Patrick's Day on a Saturday + date night tomorrow = a fun weekend ahead! I cannot wait!

5.  Yesterday, I told you about my K-Cup love....speaking of that, I just ordered  Green Mountain Nantucket Blend. I'm eager to try this one--I've had it in a ground coffee for my old coffee maker, but never in K-Cup form.

6.  I'm feeling really lazy today. I have work I should be doing, but I might just sit on rear and read my new Country Living...would that be so bad?

7. I just made my favorite sandwich from childhood-- an egg salad with olive on whole wheat. Yum! I'm going to have some blackberries and a few almonds and call it a late lunch.

8. A very guilty pleasure of mine? The "Real Housewives of Orange County".... I know, I know. I just cannot help myself. Maybe I'll watch the episode I have on DVR while I enjoy my egg salad :)

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!