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Thrifty and Fabulous!

It's fair to say that "fabulous" is in the eye of it's beholder, right? I mean, sure, there are some very "wrong answers," but, for the most part, like art, it's subjective.

But "thrifty?" Well, thrifty is just thrifty! A deal is a deal. A dollar is a dollar! 

I had been jonesing for a bathroom mini make-over recently. When Ellie and I moved into our apartment we weren't in a position to get new everything. So, I pieced together a cute, little (very girlie) bathroom with things we already had. And we liked it! 

We still like it. A few months from now we might even switch back to it! It was just time for a change. A small one we made awhile back was adding a much needed medicine cabinet. One didn't come with the apartment. Believe me when I say, once you've had one, you can't NOT have one. I found this on Craigslist for $10.00 and gave it a hot pink paint once-over.

Alright. Good start. Bright and fun, but we still needed a little something more....
I present to you a very mini, thrifty, maybe fabulous, bathroom make-over!

We bought this harlequin shower curtain last Spring in N.Y.C. for $12.99. I loved it because it was graphic and reminded me a little bit of my beloved Mackenzie- Childs.  I didn't want to drown our little room in black, so I added pops of bright raspberry, lemon and lime. Yummy, right? I did this quite thriftily with a few hand towels from Target. The tissue box came that way (thank you, Kleenex brand for the sassy cardboard boxes!).  I had the vase and flower already. Instant color there! And Audrey? Poor Audrey, who was stashed away in a closet (that is wrong on so many levels), was rescued and put on display. I added some ribbon I had lying around the apartment for a little bit of whimsy.

Next up, a trip to the Dollar Tree for some more ribbon! In fact, I think Ellie and I are headed there this evening. I am going to replace the cold, metal shower rings with some colorful strands to liven things up even more. 
There's only so much you're allowed to do in an apartment bathroom...
When all is said and done,  this little room will have gotten a rather dramatic mini make-over for under $35.00. Not too bad at all...