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Good News & Bad News

I use my hands in a repetitive motion a great clicking this mouse on the computer, pinning items on Pinterest, adjusting components with my jewelry pliers, using my hair dryer,  makeup brushes, craft punches, kitchen utensils, etc....if I texted much, I think I'd be having a really hard time.

Pretty much everything I enjoy doing has been affected by pain and numbness over the past few weeks. I dropped my flat iron when it became too much to grip onto, have had a painful time clicking the mouse and typing (on an ergonomic keyboard), and found that the act of coring an apple was something of great difficulty while making apple dumplings on Sunday.

Last week, I mentioned how I needed to "Keep Calm and Carry On" as the saying goes, because I was having chest pains, feeling super tired and "off", and having all these weird feelings in my arms, especially the right one. I had several vials of blood drawn, chest x-rays, an EKG, and more.  Of course, not knowing what was wrong was a big deal for this worry wort.

I had a follow up today and have my answers, and am thankful that is is nothing too serious. I don't have to sit here and panic wondering if the symptoms added up to one of the horrendous diseases you can find from over-Googling your issues.

It looks like I have carpal tunnel in both of my arms. The right arm is feeling what the left one feels, but is feeling different than the other because I also have "tennis elbow". I haven't played tennis in ages, but it can also be from excessive mouse use (a big yes for that) and other repetitive motions. I use my right hand for all of my jewelry tools, to blow dry/flat iron my hair, etc.  I use it to chop and dice and everything else I do in the kitchen.

I have to buy a brace for my right arm this afternoon and continue taking aspirin and Aleve for pain.

If I still have the pain up through to my shoulder blades in a month when I go back, they'll have me get steroid injections. A huge THANKS, BUT NO THANKS on that one! I am one of the biggest needlephobes there is :)

The chest pain is from something called Coscochronditis. Basically the cartilage that leads from the ribs to the breastbone is inflamed. It will go away on its own and may have been caused by the respiratory bug I had back at Christmas time. I am so thankful it isn't anything serious. I feel very lucky.

The other symptoms of feeling a little bit dizzy, lightheaded, super tired and just plain "off" are because my blood sugar was 56 when my blood was checked. Normal is over 70, so mine is too low.  I have to adjust my eating schedule and eat several small meals evenly spread through the day. This will be an adjustment, but once again, I am just so thankful it is not more serious.

So the GOOD NEWS is that I am a pretty healthy girl. Everything else was A-OK.  I am so very thankful that these issues can be addressed.

THE BAD NEWS: Now, part of addressing these issues involves "rest".  I really am not good at resting, especially when that rest comes in the form of scaling back my typing. I'm going to experiment more with typing several posts in advance when possible and scheduling them so there hopefully won't be any posting gaps. Then I can allow myself a couple days of computer rest. Using my mouse hurts.  Typing with my right hand hurts. I need to try to find the best way to keep doing what I love with as little interruption and inconvenience as possible....I am working on ways to find a better balance with posting. I shall keep you posted.  Thank you for your kind thoughts last week when I was worried!