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Keep Calm

It has been an exhausting couple days. I've been feeling a bit unlike myself these past few days with some numbness in my arms and hands and pain in the right side of my chest. I've been uncomfortable and just feeling "blah". My hand numbness made me drop my flat iron while straightening my hair the other day and that was just one of those things that triggered the "this isn't normal" response. Thankfully I had a good EKG and am awaiting results from all the blood that was drawn this morning and a chest x-ray from earlier this afternoon. I am by nature a bit of a worrier, but I've learned always to trust your inner voice if it tells you something is off.  I learned that lesson 3 years back when I kept making excuses for my off feelings then.

Talking with you all always helps to keep me grounded and more calm.  And, speaking of "Keep Calm", here are some Etsy finds:


Pillow cover from Jael Studios


Print from France's Magalerie

Coasters from MableMae

Print from DigiMarthe...I might order this one!

For the knitter by Jennie Gee