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Introductions and a Valentine gift idea

Hello all,

I'm Deanna, one of the new contributors of Chic and Green. Karley knows how much I love handmade, American products.  When she asked me to cover the Handmade in America section of C&G, I replied, "heck yeah"! So here I am. I've been compiling a list of handmade Valentine's gifts available on Etsy to share with all of you. I'm so excited to share today's items.

Without further ado, check out Twisted River Claywork's heart-themed mugs. The first set is my favorite. I bought them for my husband, Frank, and me this past Christmas. Admittedly they would make a perfect gift for you and your sweetheart for Valentine's Day but they would also be lovely for anniversaries, birthday, Christmas, wedding showers, weddings, Ground Hog, yeah, sorry. I overdid. I see that now. Sorry. I just really, REALLY love these. I adore custom items so I had to be different when I purchased our set. I had the mugs read, "D+F" on one mug and "F+D" on the other. As per the shop notice, to ensure Valentine's Day delivery orders must be made on or before January 20th.

Custom made Enchanted Memories
initialed heart mugs, $50 per pair

This next set is  also made to order and are pretty darn cute as well! Even though they have a red heart on them they don't scream "VALENTINE'S DAY". Their cool faux bark look will appeal to guys and girls.

Enchanted red heart  mug set, $56

If you are interested in these sweet mug sets don't forget you only have until Friday, January 20th to get them for Valentine's Day. Tell Ron & Char hello for me!

I have plenty more Valentine's Day gifts to share with you all in the coming days. Stay tuned!