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Hello, there!

Hello, Chic & Green-ers!

Please allow me to introduce myself....

I'm Elizabeth: Friend to Karley. Mommy to Ellie. Family to many. Blogger to my readers at Chandelierious. Sometimes a singer/actor. Always a lover of incredibly thrifty finds or projects! As a newly single mom, that last part, being thrifty? That's now sort of a necessity.

And I know I am not alone in that! Even before that, though, I found much more joy and satisfaction in the thrill of the hunt than in the ease of buying a mass-produced end table at Target. (That said, I love me some Target, and probably do have one of their end tables somewhere. I digress.)

Finding something at the Salvation Army for a couple of dollars, for example, and turning it into a personal, one-of-a-kind conversation piece is really, really fun. And easy! And you can absolutely do it, too. All you just need is a little time (and, believe me, I understand that novelty), an imagination, and maybe some paint and a glue gun. It's amazing what you can accomplish with a little paint and a glue gun!

I crave discovery, creation, transformation, repurposing, making things beautiful... and doing it all on a budget. That's what I'll be sharing here as Chic and Green's new 'Thrifty and Fabulous" editor!

I will be back soon with something fabulous up my thrifty little sleeve!