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Hair Abuse!

I have put my hair through lots of trauma (and chemicals) over the past 24 hours.  I am an at-home colorer. I'm no stranger to doing my hair--I've done it since college.  Dark, light, foils, lowlights, highlights, I've done it all.

So when Deanna posted that she was thinking of changing up her blonde to red and posted some pretty pictures, I thought that I could use a change as well.

As a porous blonde from repeated highlights, I knew I would need a little "filler" first. I used a semipermanent shade from L'Oreal called Healthy Look in Light Red Brown. I then planned to add a golden brown over it and add some highlights. The Healthy Look took in 3-4 minutes. My hair came out deep eggplant. So I REALLY needed to tone it down and throw in those highlights. First, I threw in Revlon Colorsilk in Medium Golden Chestnut Brown.  Then I added Revlon Frost & Glow.

The result:

Anyway, after some brutally honest opinions from my boys and the fact that it took 90 minutes for Tom to say anything (as in, "As long as you like it, I like it), I went to bed planning to change it again today. My skin is very cool with lots of pink and blue undertones. The red simply clashed...

After my morning coffee, I went to Walmart and headed back down the hair color aisle.  I knew I needed to tone down the bright red tones.  I used L'oreal Excellence to Go 10 minute color in Light Ash Brown.

I left it in 8 minutes and it really toned the red down.  I dried it for the second time today (hair, I am so sorry for this abuse!) and then applied Revlon Frost & Glow in the Platinum Kit, leaving it on for 40 minutes.

I rinsed it out and got out my hair dryer for the third time today. I feel so much more like "me" but with a slight change from what it was pre-red.  It's weird.  When I was in college, I could change up my hair color or style every few days. As I grow older, I get less daring :)

There's lots more dimension, though, and I am much more content. Remarkably, with all the stuff I put on it, I spend a grand total of $28 on hair color. Not too bad!

I have to say that my hair is silky and soft and that is because of my secret weapon: Original Moxie Intense Quench.  I applied this liberally today. My hair should feel like straw. Heck, it probably should've started coming out in clumps with the damage I put it through. I am in love with this deep conditioner and it has kept my hair feeling strong and looking shiny!

Here it is now: