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Etsy Love: SOTU Edition Part 1

You wouldn't have looked to the State of the Union Address for fashion trends too many year ago, but I'm always eager to see what our First Lady is wearing. From her trademark aubergine dresses to last night's bright royal blue, I generally love what Michelle Obama chooses to wear. She's a beautiful lady.

I was surprised, though, to be impressed with Hillary Clinton's headband choice last night.  I think she looked particularly lovely last night and adored her skinny headband!

Using these two strong and intelligent women as inspiration, I thought I'd do a special Etsy Love: SOTU Style Edition! today, we'll look at Michelle Obama's sapphire blue and tomorrow we'll look at the Secretary of State's skinny headband.

Photo Credit here

Michelle Obama's Sapphire Blue

Earrings from my shop, Loubird's Nest

Brooch from Dr. Brassy

Custom wedding shoes from Design Your Pedestal

Pillow cover from Sierra Pillows

Clutch from Fallen Sparrow

Fingerless gloves from Filo Fashion

Earring holder by Barb Pots