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Do You Polyvore?

First it was Etsy....then came Pinterest (pinning many items from Etsy)....and now it's Polyvore. This is my new hobby. I've been able to do so much with Pinterest to organize dinner ideas, get decorating inspiration, and outfit ideas. I clicked on an outfit I liked and it took me to Polyvore. I seriously have heard of this site before, but had no idea that I could sit and select pieces I adore to make collections--from shirts to pants to shoes and bags.

I've been using Polyvore to plan what I wear -- what a fun tool it is! I am a busy mom on the go. Even though I do not have a job that is in a professional environment, I still like to maintain my sense of style while working from home. Polyvore is really a fun site to help me put together pieces so I can see what works, what doesn't work, and get new ideas for what possibly could work...

Here are three Chic Mom on the Go collections I put together:

Chic Mom on the Go--Affordably Fabulous

$16 -

$24 -

$12 -

$24 -

Chic Mom on the Go

$21 -

$21 -

$37 -

$69 -

$99 -

$59 -

Busy & chic mom on the go

$29 -

$10 -

$15 -