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Coming Attractions

I posted a few weeks back about adding some new members to the Chic & Green team. As a major control freak who has always done everything myself (so much of a freak that I even made all the bouquets and centerpieces--along with the bridal makeup-- for our wedding because I cannot let go!), this is a VERY big step for me.

Over the past 4.5 years, the blog has really grown. I am so thankful for this.  I put my heart and soul into making this blog just the way I want it to be and am super proud of the press it's gotten over the years. It is time, though, to add a couple of ladies to my team who share my passions (but have their own unique voices).

Joining us over these next few weeks are a Handmade in the USA editor and Thrifty & Fabulous editor.  Deanna from Michigan is someone I've known for a few years now as a reader and former skin care customer from my old skin care line. She loves Etsy and all things handmade and locally made and is the perfect person to have a regular Handmade in the USA feature. She's warm and charming and you will adore her.

Elizabeth is a fabulous (and thrifty) woman right here in my town.  She blogs and I met her when our now thrid graders were 4 and in the same preschool class together. She is a singer, actor, decorator, and thrift shopping genius with a love of Pinterest. She is great at doing DIY projects and you'll love her sparkly personality!

I'll introduce you to these ladies again and I know you'll enjoy their posts!

One more thing--are there any male readers out there who love to talk skin care and grooming?  If so, shoot me an email! I have been receiving more and more products for men and my hubby is not at all interested in trying most of them or reviewing anything at all.... I would love to be able to have a product-hound gent out there on the C & G team as my men's reviewer.

HAPPY WEEKEND, my lovely readers!