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Mentioned by Alicia Silverstone today!

This recipe originally appeared here in 2008. I want to share some DIY recipes with our newer readers and also share these with my long-time readers in need of DIY inspiration for gift-giving season. I posted this this morning and it is so ironic because reader Amy let me know that this recipe and C & G are featured in Alicia Silverstone's Gift Guide today on  "The Kind Life"!

I love salt scrubs. As much as I love sugar scrubs, I like salt for serious exfoliation.

My favorite salt scrub from retail shops is Origins Salt Rub. It's over $30 per jar. I started using this way back when Origins sold it in glass jars. Several years ago I stopped buying the Origins and started making salt scrubs myself. It is easy and the homemade scrub we're going to make is (in my opinion) just as good as the pricy one!

Make your own salt scrub in a 16 ounce jar (weighs in about 27 ounces) at home for only about $2.00 for per jar with today's DIY project! I like to make several at one time which I just did earlier to give away as gifts!

The results are wonderul. Your skin will be smoother than silk and feel like butter. If you've ever paid $100 for a spa "Salt Glow" treatment, consider doing this at home and you can do the treatment as often as you'd like!

Before you use it, heed this warning: SALT STINGS BROKEN OR IRRITATED SKIN! I learned this when I first used a salt scrub and didn't think about the sting factor. I applied it all over my legs after I shaved them. OUCH! Scrub first...then shave!

Let's Talk Ingredients

You'll need sea salts, carrier oils, and essential oils. This is a 100% natural product!

I buy my sea salts right at Wegmans. They will come in different grains. I like to mix fine and coarse, so I pick up a bottle of each.

For the carrier oils, today I am using Macadamia Nut Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Soybean Oil and Olive Oil. You do not need to use 5 oils like I do. You only need one. I just like the blend of these oils. You also do not have to buy the same ones I have listed here. You can use any oils you have handy, such as jojoba, grapeseed, even canola from your baking cabinet!

Now, for the essential oils, I am using Spearmint and Rosemary Essential Oils.

I also add in some chopped fresh parsley to my own....

This is a truly invigorating scrub to refresh the senses while giving your skin the royal treatment!

How To Do It

I start slowly. I like to do a bit at a time. We'll be using 1 cup of salt and 1 cup of oil today. I start by adding 1/4 cup or so of salt into the jar. Then I like to add just 5 drops at a time of essential oil (I add 10 drops of each essential oil total per scrub). Add some carrier oil. Then add more salt, more essential oil, etc. Stir a bit before you add in more salt.

Hmm. Now my scrub looks like applesauce....

Don't worry! I always give the scrub a very quick stir and your scrub will be back to looking very scrubby with the coarse grains visible.

This is a very simple project! I like to even add in a bit of fresh parsley. Why, you ask? No one really talks about the myriad benefits of parsely to the skin. It can help clarify and tone the skin, making it look fresh and bright. It also helps to reduce redness and swelling. I think it's a very underrated natural ingredient for homemade skin care, but it's worth adding in to your scrub.

So that is how you make your scrub! 1 part salt, 1 part oil, 10 drops of essential oil and a sprig of parsley! It couldn't be simpler. Just wait, though, to see how soft and radiant your skin will be!