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Chic & Green™ Top 20 Products of 2011

Every December, I award the best products (and runners up) on the market a Best in Beauty Award.  This year is a bit different, as I have narrowed down my list of my 20 most favorite products I use on a regular basis.


Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soap has been a Chic & Green™ favorite for years.  No, you may not receive frou-frou overpriced packaging with fancy adornments, but you WILL receive an exquisite bar of handmade, nourishing, natural bar soap made without harmful chemicals or palm oil. You'll always get a fair price, outstanding customer service, and a lovely assortment of soaps.

The Brightening line from 100% Pure is a must-have in my life.  I absolutely adore the cleanser, tonique, mask + scrub, and the balm to apply before I catch some ZZZZs. It's fabulous!

Seed Fragrance Free Healthy Hand Cream is the best hand cream on the market. It is natural, affordable, lives up to its claims, and is now available right at Wegmans. Not just a swell hand cream, this is lovely when used as a facial cream (trust me, it works because of the fab ingredients).

The lippies -- nearly all of them -- from Silk Naturals are second to none. Made in the Finger Lakes region here in New York, Karen creates some of the best lipsticks and glosses in ANY price range.  My favorite? A shade called Captivate.

Another favorite of mine?  Original Moxie hair care made by the lovely Rachel in Michigan.  From the Get Fresh Shampoo to my favorite styling aid called Straight Up, you won't find a better hair care line.

Hands down the best overall mineral makeup line: Everyday Minerals.  I've been a loyal customer for many years now and from the powder foundation to concealer to blushes, these are really and truly my favorites. Great packaging, great customer service, super fast shipping and overall selection.

Always on the hunt for a great mascara, there are several lovely natural formulas on the market.  My favorite is available right at Target:  Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash. It doesn't smudge, flake, or irritate the eyes and is adds mega volume.

I've tried many greener nail polishes over the past couple years and the best is Priti NYC.  They last for days and the color selection is just wonderful.  The product doesn't smell and is long-wearing.

In need of gentle, yet serious, exfoliation?  The L'Bri Facial Peel is just what you need. It feels luxurious on the skin and reveals a fresh, radiant tone to the skin in just one use.

Without high quality makeup brushes, your products won't apply as seamlessly.  The EcoTools bamboo handled makeup brushes rival high end professional brushes.  They are affordable without having to sacrifice quality. These get a huge thumbs up!

I go through lots of lip balm. I've literally tried over 30 brands just for this blog alone, not to mention the others I have purchased over my lifetime. My favorite right now is Badger Mocha Cocoa Butter -- it's just lovely.

Scrubs are a must for me (and everyone, really). My personal favorite is from Prem Soaps. If you want your legs to feel as smooth as silk, use their salt scrubs prior to shaving. Your legs will be radiant.

Not thrilled about the harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances in your laundry detergent? My most favorite is Vaska Herbatergent, a fragrance free soap made without the nasties. It even works well on the boys' grass stained jeans.

Yes, you can spend much more on hand soap, but why bother? At $3.99 per bottle, Mrs. Meyers makes non-toxic, family friendly hand soaps that last for ages and are gentle on hands. I am 100% hooked on the Basil.

No one wants stinky pits, but you don't want parabens or aluminum in your deodorant either.  Soapwalla Kitchen's Deodorant Cream is simply the best on the market.

Tired eyes? Dark circles? Dry skin? No worries--100% Pure's Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream is a bargain at $19 for a whole ounce (compared to the typical $40 per 0.5 ounces for department store brands).

If you are super parched with cracked and dry skin in need of some love, the absolute best solution is from Suki: their Butter Cream Healing Salve. This delivers true TLC to those in need of dry skin relief.

Are you wanting to smell lovely without harsh synthetics? I recommend LAVANILA from Sephora. Try their mini roller ball set so you can experience a few of their different scents.

Your brows frame the face, so it's worth adding another minute or two to apply a good brow powder.  My favorite comes from Silk Naturals and is superior to those from Bare Escentuals and Smashbox.  Did I mention that a little pot lasts for a year and costs a mere $3.50???

The last product to make the list? Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel. I told you quite a long time ago about how this makes for the perfect makeup primer. The key ingredients are similar to the most highly regarded department store primers and this one truly works. As much as I wish I loved the all-natural ones on the market, this really works even better.