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Monday Musings

What a nice day it has been today! The sun has been shining and it's been unseasonably warm for November in Upstate New York.  I had my morning Tim Horton's coffee fix and took a long walk crunching through the leaves in our neighborhood.

Then I decided to do some new things. I get stuck in my "comfort zone" and stick to the same favorite places, but this week and vowed to go to three places I've never been in Rochester and did just that--all today.

I went to ReStore on Culver Road by Lorraine's Food Factory. ReStore is run by Flower City Habitat For Humanity. Proceeds help benefit this charity.  If you've been to Mr. Seconds Bargain Outlet in the area, this is much like that.  You'll find sinks, tile, windows, and things of that nature.  For example, I found some Moen bath fixtures such as toilet paper holders, robe hangers, and the like for about 75% less than normal. I think I'll be going back once I am adding the finishing touches to the bathroom remodel.  They even had a really nice box of porcelain tile for just $10!

Did I mention I decided to put in new tile in the powder room as well? And a new sink? I've been busy!
These will be done after I complete the upstairs bath.

I then went to the VOA Resale Center at the corner of Culver and Main for the first time. I didn't buy anything, but this will be a great shop to check back with from time to time looking for vintage treasures.

On my way home, I decided to treat myself to lunch at  Paola's Burrito Place. This is also on Culver Road. I've heard great things about Paola's, which relocated not long ago from the South Wedge.  I ordered Shrimp Tacos off the lunch menu and it was a tasty lunch.

I caught up on some more work and then headed to a not new to me place: Hobby Lobby.  I simply adore Hobby Lobby and purchased some pretty wall items to put above our headboard. Pictures coming soon.

I enjoyed heading to some new places today. The Rochester area is really full of great places to visit. I think I'll try new places each Monday and make it a regular feature.