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Affordable Powder Room Makeover

I finished the downstairs powder room Wednesday morning. I am really pleased with how it turned out!

When we moved in, the bathroom was a deep rosey pink.  I painted it robin's egg blue in 2009.  I wanted something different.   I found so many crafty ideas on Pinterest.  What I did was give the walls a faux aged "wallpaper" treatment using Elmer's glue mixed with water and wallpaper from Hobby Lobby.  The result is aged and imperfect. I love it.  It took 7 hours.  I thought it'd take MUCH less time.  What you do is tear off sheets of paper, brush the mixture of equal parts water and glue on the back, the stick on the wall.  Then you brush the mixture over it. You need to let it dry and brush more on.

I did this on all four walls.  I then painted the window and door trim a caramel shade by Behr called Soft Chamois. The baseboards and thrift shop brass mirror are painted Martha Stewart Heath, a pale straw meets sage color.  The vanity and door are painted a gorgeous deep brown called Chocolate Silk by Behr. I used sample bottles for all and still have some leftover.

The old floor (a cream with brown floral linoleum) was redone in flooring I had leftover from doing our kitchen floor back in 2006.

We had a white towel bar and toilet paper holder.  I spray painted them with Rust Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze. I changed out (actually Tom did) the faucet, too.  The accessories are from Hobby Lobby. This was a fun project!

*Brown tile (leftover from kitchen reflooring a few years back)
*3 rolls of wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby ($7.99 each less 50%; used 2 1/4 rolls)
*Sample bottle of Martha Stewart Heath paint (on clearance for $1 for 8 oz. at Home Depot)
*Sample bottle of Behr Chocolate Silk ($2.94 for 8 oz. at Home Depot)
*Sample bottle of Behr Soft Chamois ($2.94 for 8 oz. at Home Depot)
*Mirror ($3.99 Salvation Army)
*Memory foam leopard mat ($6.47 at Walmart)
*Can of Rust Oleum spray paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze ($4.99 at Hobby Lobby)
*Elmer's School Glue (leftover bottle from home plus large bottle from Hobby Lobby $6.99 less 40% coupon)
*Wall sconce ($11.99 less 50%, Hobby Lobby)
*Candle ($1.99, Hobby Lobby)
*Wall art ($14.99 less 50% Hobby Lobby)
*Monogram M wall plaque ($7.99 less 50%, Hobby Lobby)
*Faucet (Ace Hardware Outlet on Amazon, $22.99)
*Paper accordian blinds until I decide on a window treatment ($8, Home Depot)
*Two hand towels on sale at Target ($3.50)
*7 hours of my time :)

Total Cost: $92.49 plus tax....$99.89 grand total