Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

Frugal Friday: Finds for Under $5


My friend Deanna turned me on to Nature's Edge Farm. The man behind the products is a gentleman named John.  He plans to close up shop in the coming months, so if you can, I urge you to try his Beehive Yourself soap. I believe this is his only soap free of palm oil, but I can tell you after using it for the first time that it is fantastic.

The smell is divine. It smells like a cup of hot tea with honey and lemon.  That makes sense since it contains lemongrass essential oil and beeswax. It contains NO artificial ingredients, lathers well, and makes your skin feel pampered. Use code NEF15 to save another 15% on this hefty 5 ounce bar. There are so many other fabulous products in John's shop.  I think I may be ordering the non GMO soy candle scented only with essential oils next.

Frugal Friday: Just $3.40 with coupon


I've been loving the lippies from Silk Naturals ever since I tried them last spring.  A reader, sweet Lavanya, recommended this line to me. I received two of their new fall shades in the mail yesterday and am in love.  When I saw them on their site, I knew I had to order.

In case you're unaware, Silk Naturals is relatively local.  In fact, Karen is down in Trumansburg, near Ithaca.

I bought Captivate and Engage and they are both stunning. I particularly adore Captivate!!! This is described as a deep plum shimmer. This is holy grail material in a lippie! For YEARS I have searched from a non-toxic replacement from my old beloved color from Estee Lauder called Divine Wine. There have been products that have come close in terms of color (like the Silk Naturals Vintage lip gloss I have), but none in a lipstick formulation. 

This is the EXACT color I have been missing!!!! I received it yesterday before lunch, put it on, ate lunch, had coffee and have been talking up a storm--it stayed on and the texture is sublime. 

Engage is also a beautiful shade.  This one is described as a golden plum rose and it is, indeed, as described.

Here are the two shades:

Captivate (left) and Engage (right)

Frugal Friday: $4.50 per tube