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Review: Sweet Pure Honey

I am sitting here right now smelling an exquisite, sweet (yet fresh) aroma, and just taking it all in.

Last week, I received a package in the mail from a company in Canada called Sweet Pure Honey.  I received several soap samples, natural perfume sticks, and lip tints. My first observation as I unpacked my package was the lovely aroma.  I do not use artificial fragrance.

When I smell something with artificial fragrance, it is very off putting to me now.  Once you have gotten ride of synthetic scents from your life, they will slap you in the face when you smell them again.  This is a good thing.  You then realize how bad they truly are for you.

This aroma, on the other hand, was so pleasing.  The beautiful natural scent of honey and pure essential oils are what you smell.  The blends are just lovely and oh so comforting.

I was sent samples of their soap and they really smell heavenly.  I cannot tell you how they work, though.  This company uses palm oil in their soaps and I do not use products with palm oil for ethical reasons.  I do have a friend, though, who uses palm oil soaps so I had her try them for me.  Her thoughts:  "A nice hard soap with nice lather. Smells nice. Rinses off without residue. I would buy these for myself."

Now, I did try the perfume sticks and lip balm.  The Organic Perfume Stick is great.  It comes in a lip balm style tube, is a balm consistency, and the high quality essential oils leave a beautiful and natural scent behind.  Nothing cloying.  Nothing that will make you sneeze.  Just pure and natural oils such as lemongrass, orange, vanilla and sandalwood.

I also cannot say enough about the Sweet Pure Honey Mica.  These are the lip tints and they are hand poured and made with fresh honey, coconut oil mixed with beeswax, and mica.  How lovely! The colors are subtle, but leave a sheer tint behind and lips feel nourished.

I'd give the two products I tried an A-.  The soaps I cannot grade since I didn't try them, but you just may love them.

Please check out Sweet Pure Honey today and tell them Chic & Green sent you over.

*Disclosure: The company sent me samples for the purpose of review. All opinions are purely my own.