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Please Vote for C & G!

City, the weekly newspaper in Rochester, is having its annual Best of Rochester competition and BEST BLOG is a category. This isn't like me, but this is something I would love to win!

Chic & Green is one of the most well known green beauty blogs in the blogosphere, with readers around the globe. We've been able to gain recognition through mentions in the paper and on major sites nationally and globally (in the UK), but only 20% of our readers are actually based in the Rochester area, so I would LOVE to tap the local base even more.

Would you please take a moment to nominate CHIC & GREEN in the blog category? There is no other blog like it in the area and I think it'd be cool to have more local readers. If you're not local, you can just scroll right through until you get to best blog! BEST LOCAL BLOG IS #62 ON THE BALLOT.

Thank you so much for voting!