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Making Scents: LIV GRN Review

I was recently introduced to a line of ecofriendly  clothing, accessories, and fragrance called  LIV GRN.  This company is a lifestyle line dedicated to using ingredients that are kind to both people and the Earth.

I was sent three fragrances and an oil for review and I just have to tell you about them.

First of all, the packaging is just lovely.  The perfumes come in a wooden box and are just beautiful to look at.  Presentation-wise, they would make a stunning gift.

I am very critical of ingredients in products and I am impressed with the ingredients.  The fragrances are formulated with natural essential oils & ingredients, contain no parabens, GMOs, sulfates, phthalates, and there is no animal testing.

Upon smelling the 3 Eau de Parfums, I immediately fell in love with Earth. This one features top notes of jasmine and green leaves; middle notes of lavender, lily of the valley, and ocean; and dry notes of musk and sandalwood.

Interestingly, I do not normally like lily of the valley or musk, but this fragrance is just so exquisite for a summer's day or evening, that I cannot keep smelling it.

It almost reminds me in some ways of the old AromaTonic from Lancome, but with more woodsy notes. I really love this!

The two other Eau de Parfum sprays I received were Cherry Wood and Natural.

Cherry Wood is also exquisite.  It is actually one I would have called my favorite a couple years back when I was wearing much sweeter scents.  This one is really different.  Not in a bad way, though. It's something all of you "foody" fragrance lovers would adore.  This one features top notes of anise, tangerine, and mandarin; middle notes of jasmine, apple, and lily of the valley; and dry notes of cedar, musk and vanilla.

The third one is Natural, which is also a wonderful scent. I really like this one, too.  The top notes are lime, neroli and orange flower.  I do love citrus notes!  The middle notes are geranium, rose, and cyclamen; and the dry notes are jasmine, Egyptian musk, and pear. I actually expected to love this one the best.  While I really like it (all are, indeed, quite lovely), I am still struck by the gorgeous scent of Earth!

The perfumes are large--a full 3.4 ounces--and retail for $60.

Speaking of Earth, I was also send a lovely rollerball of Earth oil. It'll be great for travel! I am so happy I was introduced to this line because the fragrances are really beautiful.

*Disclosure: I received products for review from LIV GRN. All opinions, though, remain my own.