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The Monday Morning (Robin's Egg) Blues

Tom gave me a new bike last night. What a wonderful surprise! He knew I'd been looking for a vintage style cruiser, preferably in robin's egg blue and with whitewalls.

Last night I found this basket online too. It should be here by the end of the week and look extra pretty on my new ride:

I thought I'd show you some robin's egg blue finds on this Monday morning:


Antique rose plate from Love Me 2 Times Vintage


Loch Ness Mystery from Scotch Naturals water based nail polish  from Nature's Basin

Necklace from my shop, Loubird Handmade

Sign from KS Peddler

Cultivar cuff bracelet

Soap dish from Palette Royale

Vintage trash bin from Three Cornered Moon

Bubble Tea eye shadow from Everyday Minerals