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Chocolate Inspiration

While we were on vacation, we stopped at Hershey's Chocolate World. My favorite chocolate-related stop, however, was at Wilbur Chocolate Company in a beautiful town called Lititz. When you get out of the car and walk toward the Candy Americana Museum inside Wilbur Chocolate Co., all you can smell is the heavenly aroma of chocolate. That's not a bad thing to smell!

I found some gifts at Wilbur, from locally made chocolate soaps to Dutch-process cocoa.

I bought Pennsylvania made SAS Chocolate soaps--one in Almond Fudge, one in Chocolate Orange, and another in Chocolate Raspberry Truffle.  One if for me, another for my mom, and I gave one to my friend next door.

I also bought the Hot Fudge Heaven sauce for my mother, which I am sure she'll love!

I thought I'd look at Etsy today and give everyone some chocolate inspiration:

All Natural Cupcake Mix from Vintage Bakeshop

Gluten free chocolate chip cookies from Chocolate Star Shop

Chocolate covered caramel apples from Nikid (made nearby in Syracuse)

Cacao-O's from the Cacao Bakery

Vegan brownies from Vegan Propamanda

Cupcake in a jar from City Cupcakes