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A Small Business in Need

Neat treasures like you see above are available at Southern Fried Studio & Shop.

Back in January, I told you about a horrible consignment experience I had with a Springfield, Missouri boutique called the Queen City Emporium. The owners had taken advantage of well over 100 artisans and essentially kept everyone’s art work and handmade products without paying them. I was a “lucky” one to only be out $100 or so. Some people lost thousands of dollars in merchandise. The Attorney General’s office has been investigating, the store is closed down, and $60K was lost by these vendors.
That was a bad experience. Today I want to tell you about the opposite scenario.

I am lucky to have my jewelry line at a beautiful and unique shop in Virginia Beach called Southern Fried Studio & Shop. The shop opened at holiday time and is owned by a kind and generous woman named April. She and her husband have made this business their livelihood and it has been a success in the community.
People come from all over to shop at this renovated general store. They serve homemade cupcakes and old fashioned ice cream treats for shoppers to enjoy while they look around and take in the vintage finds and handmade goods from artisans across the nation.
This shop is really unique because it’s located in Pungo, which is a tiny rural area within the city of Virginia Beach.  People can ride their horses there and hitch them up while shopping. I don’t know of many places like this!

Can you tell why I think this is such a cool store?

Yesterday I received a check from Southern Fried for the jewelry pieces that were sold from my line.  You see, this is a business where the shop owners not only care about their customers, but about the artisans who create goods for their store.  We’re treated honestly, with fairness and kindness. This is how small businesses all should be.

I emailed April to see what else she’d like me to send and she told me about what is going on with her business. I was shocked.  If you are a believer in small businesses being the backbone of this country, please take a couple minutes to read April’s blog.  She needs our help!

Not only did someone shoot the windows of her shop with paintballs, but someone “anonymous” keeps causing trouble and is trying to get her business shut down.  This is the family’s only source of income and she and her husband have children. Whether it’s jealously or some other form of sour grapes, this is just wrong and the Pungo community has been showing their support on Facebook and with emails to the City Council.

April’s story will also be featured on their local news this evening.

I know most of us don’t live in Virginia Beach, nor is this our community in terms of where we live.  We all love handmade, though. We support small businesses and what they stand for. In reality, this is a member of our community.  Aren’t we all together in this world?  If you have an extra few minutes, would you please check out April’s blog postand show her your support on her Facebook page?

Thank you so much!