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Monday Morning Musings

This is a super busy week for me.  Today, I was at Field Day at the elementary school helping out in kindergarten. What a blast that was. I just love the kids and being able to help out as often as I do really is important to me. I am able to see the special times the boys have at school.
Tomorrow is the “big day”….it is kindergarten graduation! We’re having a ceremony in the morning and I will be there for that so I can see Mr. Ben up there.
The boys both have their last day of school on Wednesday and it’s a party day for them.
Thursday, it’s Ben’s birthday. Can you believe it? When I started this blog, he was in diapers and has just celebrated his 2nd birthday. He will be six.
I think Friday is a free day with the boys!
I also have an event to attend Saturday–Carol Barclay’s Garden Party & Open Studio. If you haven’t checked out Carol’s work, please do!  She is in Rochester and her work is lovely! I am putting together a garden-themed gift for Ben’s long-term substitute teacher.  Ben had the best kindergarten teacher on the planet and she has been out of medical leave since Valentine’s Day. We have been fortunate enough, though, to have an outstanding substitute since then and we adore her.
Here’s what is going in her gift:

Dish from Rochester's Carol Barclay

Vera Bradley Bali Gold Wallet

Handmade earrings and some wind chimes and chocolates from Encore in Irondequoit

I also just finished a project. It’s a “chalkboard” flower pot for the teacher and says, “A teacher plants the seeds of knowledge that grow forever” on it. It’s full of flowers just for Mrs. DeFranco and has the names of the kids in her class on it: