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In the Garden

Perhaps my most favorite thing about the month of June is that my flowers are in bloom.  There’s nothing like sitting out on the deck with an iced tea and seeing all of the pinks, yellows, reds, and purples in all their glory.
This season, I’ve been experimenting with “alternative” planters. On the enclosed porch, I have some little flowers blooming in thrift shop teacups and saucers.  This week, I’ll be using some vintage enamelware pots and pans to plant more flowers.

I just love my pink azaleas!

I also took all of my odd planters and spray painted them a glossy black.  I love black and white, so after the black paint dried, I used my white paint pen to write on them.  Not only is it cute, but it is very handy when I ask the boys to go out and get a particular herb.  They don’t have to guess–they can just read the pot.

Last week, I found a large Dansk wooden salad bowl at the Salvation Army for $0.99.  I drilled a couple small water drainage holes at the bottom and am using this as a planter.  I also am using one of my favorite enamelware bowls to house some geraniums and marigolds.

I {heart} polka dots.  I have several pots around the house painted black and again used my paint pen to create white polka dots. How fun!

This is a work in progress.  Our neighbors gave me their old porcelain sink to use as a large planter in the side yard.  This area is very shady and has lots of fern type plants and hostas.  Last night, I planted impatiens. I am redoing this area and this will be my “vintage kitchen” inspired garden.  Please excuse the dirt–I have to hose it off, plant more flowers, and add mulch as well. Along with the sink will be vintage enamelware and other kitchen odds and ends:

I can’t wait to go to garage sales and thrift shops this week to find more things to use for my flowers.  Do YOU have ideas you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear!