Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

Review: $20 Everyday Minerals Kit

I adore the line of mineral makeup called Everyday Minerals.  In fact, I have mentioned the line many times before. Not long ago, I spotted a $20 collection on their website called the No Makeup Makeup Kit. This kit comes complete with everything you need to give you a natural look with products made just to enhance your skin. Did I mention the whole thing comes in an all natural and eco-friendly bamboo drawstring bag and was normally $60.50?

I used my own base (Everyday Minerals in the Semi Matte formula), my Organic Wear mascara, and my brow powder from Silk Naturals, but everything else was from this new kit. There are three kits available and I chose the one for Light to Medium skin tones. I really love everything!

Here is what I am wearing from the kit:
*Flora eyeshadow (a lovely neutral golden cream) — a great base color
*Blush in Viki’s Radiant Creation — What a great blush! I had this once before a while back. It is a pinkish shade with subtle shimmer
*Bamboo Powder in Light — I have always adored Everyday Minerals for finishing powders and the Bamboo is actually my new favorite! It is REALLY lovely and feels so silky and smooth.
*Lippie in Fauna — What a GORGEOUS everyday shade. I will wear this one often! It is a subtle pinkish with hint of brown, but looks really pretty on.

For $20, you cannot go wrong. I am a devoted Everyday Minerals user and am always happy with my purchases. Please note that I purchased this kit on my own and all opinions are my own. I love this one and HIGHLY recommend it!