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Pretty in Pink

I did it.  I bought something for the yard I swore I’d never ever buy–a pink flamingo. It actually is quite lovely and a real deal for $2.99 at Christmas Tree Shops. It’s standing in an area which will soon be full of pink flowers, but won’t be blooming for another month or so.
Inspired by my sweet flamingo are pretty pinks:

Sweet little post earrings from Loubird Handmade, just $9

Retro style belt buckle from Etsy’s Bmused Buckles by Arete, $20

Strawberry & Cream Face Masque from the beautiful Sharonn at Crater Lake Company, $11.05

Natural nail polish by Acquarella at Nature’s Basin in Pink A Boo, $15.95

Pamper yourself with Weleda’s Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash, $15.95

Glass earrings from Kristin Perkins, $42

Fabric tote from Aggie Ray, $39

100% Pure Peach Bellini Lip Glaze, $15

Cotton candy tarts from Southern Vermont Soap, $3