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Moving Update

Hello all!

After the massive Blogger fail from last week that resulted in lost posts and over 30 hours of users being unable to post or edit our blogs, I've decided to look at other options for Chic & Green.

I have decided to move to Typepad. While this is not a free service like Blogger, it is great for supporting the advertising I have on the blog and I will have total control and ownership over content--did you know that you do not on Blogger? I have been going back and forth between Word Press and Typepad. Technically, to be able to post ads on WP, I need to have the version as opposed to the free version.

I have a hard time with all the "tech savvy" coding aspects of websites, so I found it really difficult to figure out. I've also found the customer service at Typepad to be really good.

Anyway, I have about 1700 posts here on Blogger. I have lots of photos and my blog essentially takes up a great deal of "space." I've had a few minor issues with getting posts sent over, but hope to resolve it soon.

I've been here 4 years, so this is a huge undertaking for me to get everything configured properly.

Until all the kinks are worked out, I will continue to have right here. It will eventually be moved over to Typepad. Beginning tomorrow, you'll be able to read C & G here and at Typepad so you will not be missing any of my posts.

Here's a little look at the progress thus far over on Typepad: our soon to be new "home".