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Monday Musings & Juice Beauty Review

It's been a lovely day thus far. The sun is shining in upstate New York and the flowers are blooming. Ben and I just returned from our lunch date. It was his choice and he chose the East Ridge Diner for chocolate chip pancakes. He sat next to me instead of across from me and wanted to hold my hand while we waited for our food.

We went to the car wash and then to the Salvation Army. What a GREAT day to stop in there. I found another chenille bedspread (this one is out on the porch) for $3.99 and Ben found some more Magic Tree House books.  I found a couple Hardy Boys books for Nick and then in the giant basket of $0.69 sunglasses, I was digging through and found these:

I do not care if they're from a past season. These Roberto Cavalli sunglasses were in the $0.69 bin along with ones from Walmart and Target. Less than a buck!

I also wanted to share my thoughts on a facial cleanser with you.  The folks at Juice Beauty were kind enough to send some things my way for review (and last month's Earth Day giveaway item). I have been testing things out and would like to share a review of my favorite in the bunch for you.

Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk Review

I've had a good couple weeks of daily usage to try out this facial cleanser and give my thoughts on it.

First of all, I did not really think I would really like this product. I've been back to the double cleansing method with good results--using a facial oil first, then cleansing with my favorite gentle facial soap. I also had really, really like a particularly milky cleanser I reviewed back in the fall, so I thought that this one wouldn't be able to live up to my favorites.

How wrong I was!

This cleanser is really lovely.  The milky texture is gentle like a light lotion and is ultra nourishing without being greasy at all.  The ingredients are also top notch. The one tiny nitpick of mine would be that there is an EDTA in this near the bottom of the list, but when you consider that the first ingredients in this are organic white grape juice, carrot juice, and aloe juice, it tells you that the product is most likely going to be a hit.

I love this. This removes my eye makeup, face makeup, and my mascara with ease. My face doesn't feel parched after I wash it, and my skin is more radiant since I started to use this one.

When you scroll through the list of ingredients, it's really hard to find any fault. There's borage seed, grape seed, shea butter, chamomile, hyaluronic acid, and so many more BENEFICIAL ingredients rather than chemicals and fillers.

This truly ranks among the best cleansers I have used--if not replacing my most favorite one from the fall.

You know, I often am sent products for review. Do I love them so much that I'll run out and buy another when the initial one runs out? Not often. This happens maybe 10% of the time.

The Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk is truly a top notch, A+ cleanser and I will buy another when this runs out--even if it is pricier than drugstore options. This formula has eliminated my double cleansing routine, so this is a one-step product.

Information: Find it at or Sephora. $22 for 6.75 ounces