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Monday Morning Musings

Hello all! I am so happy to be back and ready to begin a "normal" week. Last week was very chaotic getting ready for my day at the Indie show in the city called Mayday Underground.

I have to tell you that I had an absolute blast. I sold steadily all day and was able to meet some wonderful people--some of them being YOU, my readers. I had several ladies who came to visit after reading about the event right here on the blog and I want you to know that I loved meeting each of you.

I wish I had pictures for you. I packed my camera and I was having one of those mornings. I was so nervous! You might not know it unless you know me very well because I am good at hiding it, but I am terribly shy

I slept later than I had planned, couldn't choose an outfit, ended up switching my handbags and leaving my camera at home. I was a negative Nellie that morning.  I was in desperate need of my morning coffee fix and went through the drive thru only to realize later on that I was given a coffee with sugar in it (yuck, not for me!).

I was so nervous about the event--UNTIL I got there and saw my friend Tanvi.  Seeing a familiar face made the butterflies go away. The day ended going extremely well because of the people I was able to meet. There was a woman located next to me who lives right near me. She sells her wares on Etsy in her shop, Wood's Edge Studio, and I'll be writing more about her soon. I bought some stunning tile coasters from her to give to Ben's long-term substitute teacher as a little gift.

Located on the right side of me was a super funny guy named Jim who creates comic books. He was a blast to be around and I will also be featuring his work soon. His shop is on Etsy, too, and his business is called Last Dollar Comics. I chose a couple of little books for Nick and Ben and little buttons as well.

I was too busy to look around once the show began, but I did take a tiny break to check out Hedonist Artisan Chocolates. They have a shop located on South Avenue and I bought a bag of chocolates with sesame seeds and sea salt. Yum!

In other news this morning, I am working on a review for this week on Juice Beauty's facial cleanser, as well as several other posts.  Have a great week!