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Etsy Love: Handmade Dresses

If you haven’t purchased handmade clothing from one of the many talented Indie artisans out there, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. I have some bamboo pieces from Etsy that I just adore and am always looking for something different!
Some unique summer pieces can be found right on Etsy. The fact that were made with love by hand is an added bonus:

Sheath from Etsy’s Elbling, $85

I love this dress! It’s from Crumpet Clothing, $65

So pretty! From After Shower Shop, $45

Dress made of vintage fabric from Dig for Victory, $165

Dress by Lirola, $138

What? You have no where to wear peacock feathers? Me either…but it’s still fun! By Love Karla K., $298