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DIY Projects for Spring Skin!

I've had some more mails lately requesting easy recipes for homemade beauty products for spring. I thought I would post some simple projects you can do at home in just a few simple steps:

I have battled a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris (red bumps on the back of my arms) for years. Here is a recipe for an in the kitchen skin care treatment that may just give you some relief as well:

I also think you'll like this recipe for a soothing body mist. It is great if you get a bit of a sunburn:

My recipe for Summer Cocoa Body Cream is actually more like a balm. Use it on dry heels, parched legs and arms, etc.

Skip the heavy lipstick and blush and use my recipe for an all-natural lip and cheek tint:

Is your skin still a bit dry from the long winter? Looking pale and thinking of applying self tanner? Before you do, make sure you exfoliate!

My warm weather pet peeve? BUGS! Tell them to bug off with an easy peasy insect repellant:

Are your pores in need of a little spring cleaning? Check out the recipe below: