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Thursday Thoughts

Hello everyone. I am sorry for the break in posting yesterday.  Life has just been extra busy. I thought I'd just share some thoughts and links today and give you a little update.

Last week I told you about a job opportunity I was pondering. I am happy to say that the fit is just right for me and I began doing blog outreach work for a wonderful company based in California late last week. I can work from home and I get to talk with other bloggers about natural, green beauty products. I get to write, do social media, and I also get to work a very flexible schedule. I've found the work to be lots of fun as well!

I also have been busily preparing for Mayday Underground Arts + Craft, which will be held at the Main Street Armory in Rochester from 10-4 this Saturday. I will have my complete line of jewelry there. Prices will be discounted a bit because I want to clear out as much as possible, as I will be taking a break from my jewelry for a while. My writing gigs, need for more time heading into summer, plus a sore and swollen right hand from the repetitive motion when I use my  jewelry tools is the reason.

I've also been busy blogging for the Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester's largest daily newspaper. I'd love for you to check out today's piece about Elizabeth West Thompson, a friend and local mom. You may know her from the blog, Chandelierious. Anyway, she is back on stage after a long hiatus to perform in "Tommy."

Top handmade by Peppermint

In other news, I've told you before about my talented local friend Tanvi from Excessary. She's going to be at Mayday on Saturday as well. I have to give a shout out to her because she just launched a line of clothing she designed called Peppermint. Her clothes are stunning. Check out her new line today!

Lastly, I had fun and good conversation last night going out to dinner with my friend Christine from the blog A Good Life. We braved a tornado watch and horrible wind and rain to meet at Irondequoit's Monte Alban Mexican Grill on East Ridge Road. Yum!

Have a beautiful afternoon!