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Monday on Park Avenue

The boys and I have had a wonderful day so far. This is a huge improvement over Friday's tantrum from my seven year old--when he muttered that I was the worst mother in the world.

Nick and Ben have spring break this week and it is in the 30s and snowing. Yuck. That didn't stop us from having a great day. We were up and around and headed to Tim Horton's so I could have my morning coffee. We met a retired friend there who is a bit like a surrograte grandfather to the boys and loves to talk about Star Wars with them. They chatted and read their book about Droids while I had my mug of coffee.

We then headed to the city's East and Park Avenue area so Nick could look at new frames. His glasses were stepped on by a friend the other day and we thought they were ruined. The clever person at the optical shop was able to repair them and Nick chose some nice sassy teal and navy frames to go with his new prescription.

After that, we went to Goodwill in the city and I found a pretty china cup and saucer, Lands' End khaki jacket for $3, and some chapter books for the boys.

We then met my hubby at work and went to Jines on Park Avenue for lunch. They have a new menu for kids to go along with the Monroe County 5-2-1-0 Be a Healthy Hero eating well campaign. The kids can choose roasted turkey and swiss with cranberries on whole wheat, Tabouleh, whole wheat French toast, and more.

Checking out the new summer Vera Bradley bags at Parkleigh was also on the list:

Last stop after being so patient....Stever's! What mom in her right mind would take two little boys to a candy store a few days before the Easter Bunny comes? This mom....

This historic candy shop only has "Bacon & Eggs" one week out of the year. This is the week....Nick "had to" have some:

When we returned home, I had something cool waiting for me in the mail:

My friend, Kath, sent me an extra 100% Pure Foundation Powder she had in my color that has to be used before it expires. A big thank you to Kath! I cannot wait to try it and tell you how I like it.

In other news....I am pondering a job opportunity. It was not something I was looking for....I happened to get an email about it and it sounds right up my alley. Part-time. Marketing. Communicating with fellow bloggers. Being involved with several green and organic beauty companies. Working from home on my own terms. It could just be my dream job.

At some point, something has to give....I cannot make and sell jewelry, have a vintage shop, do freelance work, blog for the newspaper about my town, have two blogs, volunteer, and add on a new job. As much as I would love to be able to do everything, I know my limits and have been down that road before pretending to be Super Woman. I learned that with my facial line. I grew from that, learned so much, and ending up closing the door on that chapter. 

 You know what, though? I love, love, love everything I have been doing with blogging and my freelance writing. This job opportunity is really intruiging.  

I'll keep you posted!