Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

As you can tell, I'm up and blogging much earlier than normal. Thanks to my "24 hour" allergy medicine which seems to stop working at 4 am, I'm up and listening to the birds chirping. Such a nice sound in this neck of the woods. Today's post will feature the work of handmade artisans from the Rochester area with a--you guessed it--bird theme.

 As for the worm part, that has to do with 7 year old Nick. He and his classmates in the second grade are caring for  mealworms. Nick has ten and has informed me that each one will eventually turn into 250 beetles. The fun part for him was when he told me, "After Open House on Thursday night, I get to bring my mealworms home." Great.

Wren button from Conservation Chic

Letterpress greeting card from Pistachio Press

Hair pin set from my shop, Loubird Handmade

Necklace from Excessary

Set of hand painted wine glasses from Love and Whiskers