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DIY Beauty: Shine Booster Using Local Ingredients

Do you want to add some shine to your hair without breaking the bank? You can. A simple trip to Wegmans will take care of the ingredients you need to have shiny, healthy looking tresses.

I've said time and time again that expensive does not mean better. Simply flip through the pages of any major beauty magazine and the glossy ads will lead you to believe that you have to spend a fortune. You don't. Plain and simple. I've read in magazines that the key to shiny hair comes from products like Kerastase Elixir ($50) or get costly salon treatments. In all honesty, you just need some beer and honey.

You Will Need:

*1 bottle of beer (I use locally made Dundee Honey Brown, any beer will work)

*1.5 tablespoons of honey (Try locally made Dawes Hill, available in the natural foods section. Not in ROC, choose any other good quality honey. I like Clover in my blonde hair. Brunettes might like Buckwheat)

*4 cups water

To Make:

Open a bottle of beer and let it get "flat" for a little bit. In a separate container, combine warm water and honey. Shake or stir to combine.

Wet your hair in the shower. Shampoo as you normally would and rinse thoroughly. Pour the beer over your hair and leave in for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water. Now pour the honey and water mixture over the hair as a final rinse. Do not rinse again. You'll notice that your hair will be shiny and bouncy without breaking the bank.

Why it Works

There is quite a bit of protein in the hops and malt of the beer. This will help coat the hair (in a good way) to help heal it and the sugars will help seal the cuticle. The honey is good for conditioning, yet it also contains cleansing properties and is naturally antibacterial.