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Waiting for Paint to Dry

The paint is dry on two of the three lamps. I have one more adornment to add to these lamps, but the little vintage millinery flowers have not arrived from the Etsy seller just yet.

I also have one smaller lamp with the robin's egg blue paint still drying.

Even though they're not yet 100% finished, I thought I'd share. Here is what the lamps looked like this morning. My mom had these in her closet and were purchased in 1975. I wanted to give them my own little twist:

As they dried....

The first one, now:

...and the other:

Total Project Cost: $3.24 for the Krylon paint. The lamps were free. The shades were recovered using 2 vintage pillow cases I had tucked away in my closet. They were purchased at thrift shops a long time ago.

I'll have some more to share tomorrow. Do you remember how I did an ugly lamp makeover back in 2009 on one lamp from a duo of lamps my neighbor gave me?

It looked like this:

and became this:

I did one of the two and wasn't sure what to do with the other. Now I know what to do! I bought the below pillowcase today for $0.69. It's being laundered as we speak and I will turn it into a lampshade tonight and attach it to the newly painted lamp which is still not quite dry. Again, the lamp was free and I'm just using the $0.69 vintage case and part of a $3.24 can of paint to make it over: