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Thursday Thoughts

Hello all! I have been super duper busy these past few days and wanted to share a bit:

*The official Grand Opening of Loubird's Nest is tomorrow!!! My shop is slowly getting stocked with items as we speak. I will be adding more things each week, so check back regularly for new wares. Enter code "nest" to save 15% on your first order! I am super excited about this.

*I have been adding new spring earrings to Loubird Handmade as well! I have new dangles and lots of sweet posts for spring. The cheerful posts are just $9. Do you want to save more? Use code "nest" there as well to save 15% now through Sunday.

*My living room is really coming along now! I was hoping to do the final reveal tomorrow, but am still waiting for a couple of wall items from Etsy to arrive, and I still have to sew some pillow covers. The walls are 100% painted now. What a relief! Yay! It is so much brighter in here. I am so happy to be done painting. I am also happy to finally be finished with the paint splatters in my hair, too. 

My final reveal will be in the next few days. I promise! I also have yet to find two mismatched wooden chairs that I like for the dining room. I want to find some tomorrow. I also want to paint them cheerful shades of pink and yellow. Wish me luck on that search! I also confess that I believe I have gone over my goal of $75 for both rooms. It might be closer to $100, but we'll see when it's all tallied up.

*Lastly, here is a note I just have to share with you from my cutie pie, Nick. I was asked to mail this to the Tooth Fairy. In case you can't read his 7 year old chicken scratches, the text is below under his letter:

"Dear Tooth Fairy,

I know you give money in exchange for teeth, but I'd like a toy like a Lego Star Wars set, a Transformer or Bakugan. Thank you!


PS. If you don't have any, I'd like a Barbie." 
When I asked him about the note, he explained how his friend Gabby gets Barbie dolls under her pillow instead of money. He says this proves that the Tooth Fairy also has toys! The things kids think of these days. Now I have Mr. Ben trying to wiggle his teeth so he can get something one day soon like his big brother.

*It's one of my most favorite days of the week, too! Why? I just adore Thursdays. For starters, it's BANANA SPLIT DAY! I gave up my nightly ice cream habit years ago (part of the reason for my weight loss), but I splurge on Thursday nights. Bruster's Ice Cream down by the movie theater has half price banana splits on Thursdays, so Tom and I share the 3 scoop split with oodles of toppings and it's less than 3 bucks.