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Let Me Pick Your Brain

Yesterday I told you about my plans to open a tiny little vintage linens shop online. Since I blog so much about my love of vintage things, I just planned to name it Chic & Green's Vintage Home.

One of my loveliest readers and a friend mentioned that she was surprised I didn't choose the name Loubird's Nest. Honestly, I didn't put any thought into this one for some reason, but I think I really like the idea!

Amy, thanks for giving me something to think about.

SO, readers, what do you think? Which is more fitting for the shop? 

By the way, look what I found today for $2.99!!! It is a twin size chenille bedspread. I am using this one as part of my living room re-do. To show you now, I put it over my table under some china:

Also, I just found out today that my jewelry was accepted for a wonderful Indie arts show in Rochester on May 7th called Mayday Underground. It'll be at the Main Street Armory on East Main Street from 10-4. Read about it here.