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Feeling Giddy!

Maybe I'm just a bargain-loving nerd, but I am feeling so giddy this week. I returned to the Salvation Army this morning after I had coffee and spent $10.11 to use toward my living room re-do. I spent $20 on eBay yesterday for 2 vintage chenille bedspreads as well. I have decided to move forward with my slipcover plan. I showed you a picture of a GORGEOUS sofa from an Etsy shop the other day and it made me really want a couch like this. I need something I can wash, though, as I have a shedding German Shepherd and two grape juice spilling boys. I am also known to spill from time to time. Shocking, I know ;-)

This is one of many lovely finds from Vintage Chic Furniture on Etsy.

I came across a beautiful chenille bedspread on eBay and the seller is nearby in Fairport. She told me about another one she has as well and I ended up buying 2 for $20 and will pick them up today to eliminate the cost of shipping two heavy chenille bedspreads.

I then won a vintage bedspread from another seller for less than $7. It is very cottage chic with pink and green roses. It has some stains, but I plan to cut this one up anyway to use as tops for the cushions and for pillows. I can sew pillows. Otherwise, I'm not the best at sewing. I can't operate a sewing machine, according to my middle school home economics teacher, so I use a needle and thread.

I found 16 vintage pieces for $4.99 today. They're so sweet...

I scored at the Salvation Army today! I bought two Rachel Ashwell pillow shams for $0.69 each, a gorgeous shabby chic throw for $2.99, and a 16 piece set of Harmony House vintage melmac in the Avalon rose pattern dinner and dessert plates for $4.99. They sell, on average, for $10-12 for 2 pieces on Etsy. I have 16 pieces. That $4.99 will be added to my dining room makeover cost sheet. The shams will actually be used with pillows on the sofa when I am finished with it, as will the throw.

Total cost for the living room so far: $31.37 and this includes the supplies for a slipcover. That was what I thought would cost much more! All I need to do is choose a paint color. I also have to fun lamps coming and I'll add those to the living room. They are from the year I was born and in my mom's closet. They'll be free of charge.

I also would like some feedback. I love going to thrift shops and estate sales. I love all things vintage, French inspired, and shabby chic. I've been pondering opening a little vintage shop online. I already am at these places hunting for vintage components to use in my jewelry. I would still do my jewelry, of course, but I am considering a little shop maybe focused just on vintage table linens or something like that--tablecloths I see for $0.69 and $0.99 sell for $15-30 or so in most Etsy vintage shops. That is a huge profit. I wouldn't charge that much, but it seems like a fun thing to do (and a profitable one, too). Your thoughts?

Anyway, if you're in Irondequoit, go to the Salvation Army and look at their linens if you love the vintage look. They have so many finds!

Just wanted to share more of my little journey with you!