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Farmhouse Thoughts

I've got farmhouses on the mind lately. NO, I do not plan to redecorate (again) with a farmhouse theme. There is just something warm and peaceful about farmhouses.

Tom and I were talking about our summer vacation plans not long ago. We always head to a major city--New York, Washington, Toronto, etc. We were actually planning to go to Boston this summer. Nick wanted to go see a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. In case you don't know, Tom and I are huge Yankees fans, as is Ben. Nick, though, is a Red Sox fan. That would've made for an interesting trip to see a game.

While big cities provide so many opportunities as far as cultural activities, food, sporting events, etc. are concerned, the pace is fast. We're always in a rush. I can remember last summer always feeling like we had to catch the subway to head somewhere or we'd be late. When you have a slowpoke of a 5 year old dragging his feet along, that can make a vacation feel far from relaxing.

We'll be visiting Landis Farm this summer for a truly relaxing vacation.

I had been thinking and didn't know if my idea would fly, but I booked a week-long stay at a cobblestone guest house on a farm in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. If you know me at all, you're probably thinking that I would be just as likely to go camping. The chances of that are slim to none, let's be honest.

Tom works hard. While I am "just" a homemaker, I also have an online shop  2 online shops, 2 blogs, a gig as a freelance writer, and product tester for a local camera company. I am a pretty busy girl. The boys are always busy, too.

This time, I want us to go somewhere and TRULY relax. This place has all the modern conveniences in terms of A/C, television, a bathroom, and kitchen. It is on a farm, though. The boys will be able to pet the goats, collect eggs, play with bunnies, and have such a fun outdoor experience. Tom and I can sit out on the porch at night and listen to the crickets if we so desire.

We'll also have an abundance of things to do. As children, we used to visit Lancaster every few years. The Amish culture is alive and well there. We can take buggy rides through covered bridges. There are model train museums (for the kiddos), the Turkey Hill Farm (to watch them make ice cream), and a smaller amusement park for kids called Dutch Wonderland.

We'll also be a half hour from Hershey and not long at all from Philadelphia if we get the itch to go to an urban environment (or to get authentic cheesesteaks).

I am really looking forward to this.

While I am thinking of farmhouses, here are some great vintage finds for you:

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