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The $75 Thrift Shop Makeover Update

Hello friends,

I apologize for not posting yesterday--I was moving the living room around and had my computer unplugged for a portion of the day as I rearranged things and created a new workspace for myself.

With the exception of the time consuming paint job and a teensy bit of sewing, I am almost done doing what I want to do with my shabby chic living room transformation.

Yesterday at the Salvation Army, I found a beautiful old quilt in a creamy beige with lace and embroidery and shabby pastel flowers in the squares. I washed it on delicate and it is now my tablecloth for my new, larger work space. It's so feminine and I love the vintage charm!

a tiny look at my desk

Last week, I found 2 pairs of white Country Curtains brand curtains with white pom poms. I wish they had more, but this was at a thrift shop for $1.99 per pair! They are for the front and back window in the room. I am looking for equally charming white window treatments for the picture window.

I also did my slipcover! Total cost? $22.99. I bought two chenille bedspreads for $20 on eBay from a local woman and then I found a white chenille "popcorn" vintage bedspread the other day for just $2.99 at my local Salvation Army. I ended up turning the sofa into a fabulously vintage chic sofa with 10 minutes worth of tucking. No sewing. I love it!

I originally told you about finding a $6.99 rose brocade vintage bedspread on eBay. I was going to make cushion covers for the sofa out of it. It was advertised and even pictured as white on the site, but arrived a rich and deep ecru. I decided to turn that into a bedskirt for our bed, so that $6.99 plus shipping is deducted from my living room total.

I also have been busy sewing pillow covers for all of the toss pillows. I have my old patchwork quilt from my bedroom at home and it had some rips and tears, so I cut it up and the twin size quilt will make 6 pillow covers with extra fabric left for a chair cushion.

I also have a little end table project! I found this idea on a blog called Pickles and Cheese. I will be priming and painting simple wooden tray tables and then using French-themed stencils to add some details. I already have these trays since we received a set of 4 once as a gift and I am going to redo three of them.

Here is what the blogger did for hers:

Mine, I think, will be a frosty mint green or a pale robin's egg blue. I will do a white stencil, most likely with French words or a fleur de lis. I already have stencils, so the price of this project will be for paint and primer.

What I've Purchased for Living Room:

$22.99 to do slipcover
$3.98 two pairs of Country Curtains
$4.99 quilt turned tablecloth
$1.38  Rachel Ashwell shams for pillows on the sofa
$2.99 Throw blanket for sofa

Living Room Spent So Far: $36.33
Dining Room Total: $12.90 (it was $7.91 and then I added in the $4.99 vintage dishes)

Grand total to date: $49.23
Balance Left: $25.77

Like I said at the start of this project, I am not counting the cost of the wall paint. My goal was to use thrift shop finds to redecorate my living and dining rooms for $75 or less. At this rate, I might actually come in under the challenge budget!

Back to the wall paint! You are not going to believe it, but I am going with white. I have NEVER gone with white paint. I have the colors narrowed down to two:

Behr Country Dairy and Behr Cottage White

I have a book shelf that is built in between the front door and front window, so the shelf will be robin's egg blue that I painted the dresser in my dining room with (Behr Opal Silk). I plan to use this to display my milk glass and hobnail pieces.

I plan to decide on the paint this weekend and have the room ready to show you within a week!

Oh, and I even covered my mousepad with something pretty today! I used something I made on a crafty Saturday last year: