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Snowy Day Musings

It's not technically a snow day in terms of a day off because of the weather. The boys are already on winter recess so there's no school. We've been getting hit with a winter storm this morning and it's been blowing and drifting since I woke up.

This is what I see from our living room window right now:

I declared it a pajama day. The boys are playing the Wii and I've been reading blogs. Tom took a few hours off and will be done working at 11. The rest of the day will be food, family, fun, movies and games. How fun is that?

The boys head back to school Monday. Tom, who normally works from home, begins a project back downtown that day and it'll make for a very quiet house. The wheels are turning, though, and I know what I am going to do when he's back to working out of the house for a few months...painting.

"Not again," you say? Yes. Again. As you know because I've said it a bazillion times, my favorite color is robin's egg blue. My kitchen cabinets are robin's egg blue. My jewelry studio is robin's egg blue, mint, and lavender. And soon, the living room will join the robin's egg blue family.

I just painted the living room in the fall. It was green:

Then it became a rich caramel....something I thought I'd like because Tom would like it and it'd have the neutral factor going on so I wouldn't be tempted to paint:

The thing is, while the neutral is great, I spend SO MUCH TIME in this room. It's the hub for our family. I want it to be fun and in my most favorite color. So I've been getting inspiration today....

I stumbled upon a blog called Flea Market Trixie. Her banner jumped right out at me with the robin's egg blue, muted greens, and overall shabby meets vintage vibe.

Do you remember the green sofa I found last fall at the Salvation Army?

In person, it's really more of a pale avocado as opposed to a mint shade. What I want to do is play up that avocado green and add loads of accents in yellows, black & whites and lavenders. Mod fabrics and things....

The walls will be a more muted robin's egg blue than my cabinets....maybe the shade I have in my jewelry studio:

Maybe I should just paint the walls white. Ahhh. I am not sure what to do, but I really want the room to reflect me. The kitchen does. My jewelry studio does. Tom says he doesn't care as long as he doesn't have to help me paint.

So that's my day thus far....decisions, decisions :)