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Simple is better.

I've realized that the simpler the routine, the better it is for me. I'm talking about skin care. A few weeks ago, my skin started to rebel. Why wouldn't it? I am sent, on average, 8-10 facial products per week for the purpose of trial and review. Of course, I do not review all at the same time. When I try so many new things, even spaced out over time, my skin can get angry with me.

A few weeks ago I wanted to cry. My skin started itching, getting red, irritated, and just ticked off at me for wreaking havoc in its routine. Essential oils were causing redness, anything with added fragrance at all was a trigger. This has resulted in some changes to my routine--a return to the basics. To what works and is gentle. It also means that I will be adding others to my testing team, as one person simply cannot test so many products without it causing skin problems. Plus, not every product is ideal for me. 

Here is what I am looking for:

*A tester with oily and acne prone skin

*A tester with very sensitive skin

*A tester with normal/combination skin

I meet the normal/dry/sensitive criteria and I have a tester with extremely dry, more mature skin as well.

If you are willing to be a C & G tester, email me at thecurvyblogger [at] Perks include free products to try out. In exchange, I will need you to test out products for 1-2 weeks at a time and report back on your experience. You cannot be affiliated with any skin care or cosmetics companies or have your own beauty review blog.

Now, back to my thoughts on "the basics." I looked back at my own product usage and results over time in terms of the most basic cleanse/tone/moisturize routine. I'm not counting serums or eye care right now.

I returned to what always has worked in the past--fragrance free, as natural as possible, and with few ingredients. I am happy to report that my routine is working once again and my skin is no longer mad at me.

I've gone back to the double-cleanse. I remove my makeup with oil. Right now, I am using pure sunflower oil. After I remove my makeup and wipe away the residue and splash with water, I follow with my old standby--Aunt Nancy's Rose Clay Facial Bar ($5.50).

Next, I use Thayer's Alcohol-Free Cucumber Witch Hazel with Organic Aloe Vera ($7.99). It is the most soothing toner ever and makes my skin feel clean and takes away any itchiness. I used to use the Rosewater formula of Thayer's, but the rose parfum in it started to irritate my skin. This formula contains no added fragrance.

Lastly, I continue to stick with my favorite cream: (seed) Simply Fragrance Free Healthy Hand Cream. It's not marketed as a face cream, but it is the perfect recipe and blend of ingredients for dry skin. This one also retails for $7.99.

Each of these products is well under $10 and will work beautifully without irritating the skin and breaking the bank! You do not have to spend $20, 30, or $40 for each item to have healthy and glowing skin.

The total for the 4 products I am using is right around $30.

All are paraben free, sulfate free, palm oil free, fragrance free, phthalate free, and free of other nasties.