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Coming Up: The $75 Thrift Shop Makeover Challenge

You know I adore thrift shops. I enjoy the thrill of a good bargain when it comes to decorating. I have a goal: to re-do my living room and dining room and not spend more than $75, excluding the wall paint. Can it be done?  We'll see! I bet it can and am up for the challenge.

First of all, I have done quite a bit to the dining room already. Here is what it looked like when we moved in in 2004. That quickly changed--as in the first day we were in the house.

It was once navy blue:

It was also lavender. Then it became Behr Warm Caramel with a primitive/country theme.

And by Friday, it will be the dining room that truly reflects ME. It will not change in terms of the wall color, but with moving in a piece of furniture and lamps from another area and adding thrift shop vintage finds, the room will look completely different.

I thought it would take a while, but at the Salvation Army today, I found a FABULOUS vintage 50s tablecloth for $0.99. I also found 2 pairs of curtains. They were 50% off of $1.99 because blue tags are half off today. I spent $4.97 today and have the tablecloth and window treatments all done.

I am also giving life to a very old and large 9 drawer dresser that my neighbors planned to donate. Instead they gave it to me and it will be transformed using nothing more than a $2.94 bottle of Behr Opal Silk paint in a tester size. It's on the greener end of a robin's egg blue and I love it. 

Total Spent on Dining Room Makeover: $7.91 and I am looking for just 2 more things--two mismatched vintage wooden chairs. I am putting the windsor chairs we have now out in my jewelry studio around my work table and will use 4 mismatched chairs which may or may not get painted. I have two already from previous thrift shop shopping (both were under $5).

Next up will be the living room. This one will be much more labor intensive, as I will be priming and painting the walls. I also may be slipcovering a sofa...not my vintage green one, but the other one that the dog lounges on.

Here is something I am thinking of doing myself...this is furniture from an Etsy shop called Vintage Chic Furniture. I might like to try my hand at recovering the couch in a way similar to this:

Picture from Etsy's Vintage Chic Furniture. Do check out her shop!

Color Scheme for the Downstairs: Muted greens, robin's egg blue, accents of shabby pink roses, whites, creams...I want the two rooms I am redoing to reflect this vibe: retro meets shabby chic meets vintage and a tad quirky. 

My project completion date: March 15. If I write it down, I know I'll stick to it! I'll keep you updated on what I find and what I end up doing...