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100% Pure Reviews: Part 1

I have 5 products I am going to be reviewing from 100% Pure. As you know, I have been on a little bit of a 100% Pure kick lately. I've had ample time to try them out and will do three today and two in the next few days.

Today I will begin by reviewing the Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20. Today's one of those low key days. I was in a bit of a hurry this morning and had about 2-3 minutes to do my makeup. I quickly put on the tinted moisturizer, a coat of 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara in Black Tea, 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Concealer SPF 20, a lip gloss from Silk Naturals called Delacoeur. I also used my fluffy brush to apply a little wash of a limited edition bronzer meets blush from Everyday Minerals called Hiking Everest in Heels.

This tinted moisturizer gives a sheer wash of color to the skin.

Tinted Moisturizer--I am really loving the tinted moisturizer from 100% Pure. It retails for $32, which is more than I would typically pay. That being said, I had that $20 for $40 worth of products Mamapedia deal last week, so I was able to shop at Organic Beauty Now and get a great deal on two 100% Pure items.

In the past, my favorite tinted moisturizer has been Smashbox Sheer Focus. While it is a lovely product, it seemed to work better when my skin was more on the combination to oily side. While being paraben free, it still wasn't a "natural" product. I can tell you that the product from 100% Pure is far superior for someone looking for a truly natural product with skin that is more on the dry side.

What I really like most is the fast that the colorants come from fruit pigments such as peach, apricot, goji berry and more. You can forget the FD & C colorants and other questionable ingredients.

As you can see from my picture, this is far from a full coverage product. You can see my actual skin. I have very rosy cheeks and this product, like other tinted moisturizers, will not completely cover it. You can also see my freckles. It is great for a natural, but better look. I chose the White Peach which is a good shade for me. It is quite neutral--not too pink or too yellow. In terms of longevity, I can put this on at 7:00am and have it looking fresh for most of the day and evening. I sometimes need to add a little dab of loose mineral powder on my t-zone, but that is normal.

My skin seems to love the soothing cucumber and aloe juices in this as well. It does not in any way feel as though I have makeup on. If you are looking for a very sheer and natural tint, this is for you.

My Grade-- A+

Mascara--This could be "the one".  In many ways, it really is. This is a truly non-irritating mascara. The ingredients are spectacular. As much as I adore Physicians Formula Organic Wear and Tarte Lash Hugger for mascaras, this one knocks them both off their pedestals when it comes to being made of truly natural ingredients.

I adore the brush as well. I have long eyelashes naturally, but they aren't dark or full. I like that lush look. Applying two light coats of this mascara does not give me that lush and full look, but it does add darkness and definition. The brush also makes it easy to use mascara on your bottom lashes.

After wearing this for 12+ hours, there is no irritation. No redness. No feeling of having a sticky, tacky feeling product on the lashes. In many ways, this is pure perfection. The caveat? For me, it smudges when worn on the bottom.

Yesterday,  my husband asked me if I had been crying. No, I hadn't. I was perfectly content. He said because of the black under my eyes, he thought I was upset. I went to look in the bathroom mirror and my mascara had rubbed off quite a bit.

I find that for me, this is a top lash only mascara. It is a delightful everyday mascara if you just want to add a bit of definition. Is it perfect? No. Does it beat out the other mascaras in terms of ingredients? Absolutely.

My Grade--Ingredients-wise, I would give this an A+. In terms of how it works on my lashes, it gets a solid B.

Concealer--I am reviewing the wand concealer with SPF 20. 100% Pure makes 2 concealers, for reference. This is a fabulous undereye concealer. It doesn't settle in the fine lines I have starting. It doesn't run at all. It is non-irritating. I apply a small amount of this just to the inner corners and undereye area nearest my nose. I typically use a concealer brush, but I've just been using the wand and patting with my ring finger very gently. It works well and covers dark circles without it screaming "I AM WEARING CONCEALER TO HIDE THESE DARK CIRCLES!"

Color-wise, the White Peach works well for me. It blends seamlessly and easily. It lasts all day long. I cannot tell you how it works on acne or breakouts, but I can tell you that it is a top-notch concealer for the undereye area.

My Grade--A+

The Chic & Green Bottom Line

I am really happy with my 100% Pure purchases. I wasn't sent products from the company--these are my own purchases and will most likely be repurchases because 2 of the 3 are new favorites I see sticking in my beauty rotation indefinitely.